The Dunes

Illuminated in seven revelations, The Dunes calls upon you, the reader, to examine your fears, your beliefs, and, ultimately, your level of faith. Each revelation contains an allegory, followed by a series of soul-searching Journal Questions and a Challenge for the reader. As the Journal Questions usher the reader into a sacred "moment of truth" the Revelation Challenge then encourages the reader to step out of their comfort zone and put this newfound truth into practice. The Dunes journey is unique for everyone who takes it because the Journal Questions and Challenges have been specifically designed to fit the individual. 

CAUTION: Readers of this book are subject to significant changes for the better. Side effects may include frequent smiling and enjoying life in every season. 


Readers share how The Dunes inspired them to

embrace the freedom of forgiveness, live completely in the moment 

and appreciate life in a whole new way.

                            A Faith-Based Book and Journal for Personal Growth!

   A transformational journey exploring issues of: Fear, Forgiveness, Commitment, Trust, Perseverance, Surrender and Gratitude.

Sherea’s Story: From Fear to FAITH
Celeste’s Story: From Doubt to DETERMINATION
    The Dunes Online Plan 


'"The Dunes' made me really think about my life journey! It is thought provoking and compelling all at the same time! I enjoyed the personal journey of Erin Sands. Her sharing her life put the whole message in perspective for me! Great read!" 

-Cheri A

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