Hi! I’m Erin.
Welcome to I’m glad you’re here!

I’m what you call an entertainment industry multi-hyphenate…which is just a cool way of saying I’m multi-faceted. I am an author, actress, writer, producer, political blogger, speaker, podcast host and all around creative. But enough about me…

This is a safe place...where love is the rule and intellectual curiosity is the standard. I want to challenge you to think and live on another level.
Are you ready?
Come close because I'm going to share my heart with you.
Lean in, I plan on captivating your mind.


Let’s have those midnight coffeehouse conversations about how art can raise the collective consciousness...and how stories that reveal our innate humanity find common ground and pierce the universal soul.

Let’s talk about the stuff they warn us not to talk about like politics, religion and social justice. But let's do it differently....okay? Let's build bridges instead of walls. Let’s see what we can learn from each other when we just take the time to listen.


So click on my Blog Page, The AmERINcan. Share one of my blogs and lets get the conversation started!

 I'm a Christian but not the use the bible as a weapon kind. I’m the use the bible as a guide to spread more love and light kind. And yeah, I find it sad that these days you have to “clarify".


Which is why I created a podcast entitled: The Other Side. The Other Side offers a much needed platform for urban communities of faith whose voices have been historically and systematically marginalized.  The Other Side is an unapologetically Black, bold, compassionate, Christian podcast on policy, economics, entertainment and community.


Check out The Other Side on my Blog Page! Click on "podcast" and join the discussion.


I love history, dancing with reckless abandon, laughing until my face hurts and intellectual discourse. I am an insightful thinker; I go deep...beyond the surface.


Which is why I create projects that I want to see. Shows that illustrate the strength of the human spirit to persevere and overcome. Content that has the ability to make us truly examine our prejudices and our strengths.  I love showcasing the diversity of the human experience with content that can make you laugh until you cry; or that can be both provocative and profound. 


So let’s travel this terrain together and see what we discover…like I said, I’m glad you’re here.

Much Love,


   Love is the only language
         that is understood
    no matter where you go.

© 2019 Erin Wiley Sands.